Toot toot!

Photo credit: Scott Wilcoxson

I think every family has its own farting etiquette. Some pretend that the evil deed does not even exist, others make a great show of it, often to cries of “Good one!” or “My mouth was open!” Our little family of five is no different. At our house, we believe farts are funny… very funny, but not always appropriate. Not at the dinner table. Not when mom is having a serious discussion with you. Not when we have company. Not when holding someone down and sitting on them….. well, that one’s a little funny from the spectator point of view…But c’mon, farts are funny. They make a funny noise. They are stinky. They are irreverent. And, for goodness sakes, they are human. But you have to have good timing, and you have to know your audience.For those of you who know us personally, you know that we are a family that laughs a lot. Silliness, wittiness, and dorkiness abound in our home. I mean, seriously, my first blog post is about flatulence. Teaching the kids the appropriateness of when to go for the laugh and when to just chuckle inside has been an adventure. Sometimes, they have had to learn the hard way.

One day, my beautiful, delicate flower of a daughter came home crying from her preschool class. “What’s wrong, honey?”

“When I was getting a drink of water from the water fountain, I tooted really loud, and I turned around and (insert prissy girl’s name here) didn’t even laugh! She said it was gross!”

“Oh, well, honey, that’s because not everybody thinks that those things are funny. Some things are only funny at our house.”

“You mean there’s a family funny and there’s an everybody funny?”

“Yep, and some families hardly ever laugh at all!”

“Wow! What do they do when they have to fart?!”


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