Moving on!

You know, when I started this blog, I really did have plans for more than two entries.  Because it is really awkward to tell people “Hey I have a blog!” and follow it up with “butitonlyhastwoentries…”

The blog has been on the back burner because all my creative energy has been focused on preparation for this past weekend.  I was the speaker for my first Women’s Retreat!  And it was really awesome in spite of me.  Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time.  (I mean, c’mon, I had a captive audience!)  But I was thrilled to see the movement of God throughout the weekend.  I spent a lot of time in prayer for the preparation of this event and all the ladies involved, and God honored that.

Okay, but back to my blog.  And the fact that it needs attention if it is really going to be a blog.  Did you do that meme that went around Facebook a year or two ago?  25 Random things about me?  Well, I did. I am overcoming my writer’s block by using it with: 25 Random Blog Posts about me.

#1.I like to clown around.Most of you already knew this about me.

I do like to have my fun.  Here is the story of one of the funniest pranks I was ever a part of.  When I was in graduate school at the University of Texas, I kind of had a reputation for being a bit of a prankster.  One time a good friend and fellow grad student in my lab received a gift from the parents of an undergraduate kid he was tutoring in chemistry.  It was a bottle of peach schnapps.

Now the professor who we worked was the late, great Dr. J Mike White (no relation).  He was a wonderful man of science and God.  He was a very devout Christian man, more than a bit stern, and one of the greatest men I have ever known.  He was both kind and gruff all at the same time, a man of the highest integrity, and we all took him very seriously and behaved around him.  And Jeff didn’t want our professor to see this bottle of alcohol in his desk, but for some reason (I think he had biked to work) he couldn’t take it with him that night, so he hid it in his desk drawer.  And he was definitely stressed about leaving that bottle in the lab overnight. The perfect target.

Another buddy of mine in the lab and I waited until he was gone, then we took his schnapps and left behind a note that read “No alcohol in the lab” and signed it “JMW”, our prof’s way of signing off notes to us.  Then we giggled with glee waiting for the result.

The next morning Jeff came in before the rest of us and saw the note.  Horrified, he took it and ran right in to Dr. White’s office to explain himself!  Yikes! This prank was getting better all the time!  I would have given anything to be a fly on the wall for that conversation.  And JMW surprised us all.  Jeff told us later that JMW had taken the note, read it, laughed and told Jeff that someone was pulling his leg.  Then he opened a file cabinet drawer, pulled out a bottle of Wild Turkey and said sometimes you need a bottle nearby!

There were lots of other mischief in grad school, but that story one is my favorites.


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