My Valentine’s Day Horror, Part Two

It was fall of 1991, I had just moved to Texas to go to grad school at UT. Four girlfriends in a hot tub, all chemistry grad students, all very single. One of us had a bfbh (boyfriend back home), but was not strongly attached. The wine coolers flowed as we reveled in the freedom of our “singleness”. The smacktalk started…. I bet I’ll be the last one married… no, no, I’ll be the last one married!… Oh no, you’ll be gone first and I’ll be the one married last…. a friendly gentlewoman’s bet was made.

Friend #1 lasted only a year and was married before 1992 was out. Friend #2 had her bfbh decide he better move to Texas to tie down his lady. They married the next year. But at least I had friend #3…. Or did I?

Flash forward to Valentine’s Day 1997… we had all gone our separate ways, had jobs, separate lives. I was teaching junior high school science at the time. Still stalwartly but now a bit sadly single, I had big plans for my Valentine’s night- going home to my two cats to grade papers and eat leftovers. Then, I got the fateful email from friend #3 announcing her engagement. With dawning horror I realized that I had won?! the bet.

Well, it was sad to be spending the evening with my two cats on Valentine’s Day but on the bright side I did have options that I just didn’t choose to take. Like my guy friend at church who would work up the nerve to ask me out again every couple of months. I would politely decline because I really didn’t think that I would ever be interested in dating Rusty White.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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