Biscuit Friday

My cupboard is bare.  I need to go grocery shopping like you would not believe.  But a busy week, and waiting to get paid (darn you Dave Ramsey!) has kept my pantry in a pretty sad shape.

This morning the kids came down for breakfast all excited because it is Friday.  Biscuit Friday.  That’s because on Friday morning they get, you guessed it, biscuits for breakfast.  It is a real treat after oatmeal and whole grain waffles all week.

So down the stairs they trot with a “Mom, do we have biscuits?”  “Mama, are the biscuits done?” “Mama, I don’t smell the biscuits!”

“Well guys,” I tell them, “we are out of biscuits.  And we are out of milk, too.”  Their faces fall.  “But it’s okay, guys, look… I do have… some whole wheat tortillas.  We’ll but butter on those and some jelly if you want.  And I am out of milk, but we can have water.  Also, there is no fruit left, but I do have some carrots, so let’s have tortillas, carrots and some water, and I’ll go to the store later today and stock up for tomorrow.”

Now, nobody actually complained, but there were some fallen faces.  The 4 year old’s chin quivered significantly.  When they were sufficiently downcast, I said “APRIL FOOLS!!!!  Get your stuff and let’s go to McDonald’s for breakfast!”  Because I am, after all, the best mama ever.  They said so.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go to the grocery store.


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