Rusty and Caleb at the Beach

I’m not much of a photographer, but every now and then I get lucky.  Give the picture a click to see a bigger view.

This is probably my favorite picture that I ever took.  It was in the spring of 2005, and Caleb was 2 years old.  We were in Clearwater, FL for my cousin’s wedding.  On our last night there, we went to Clearwater Beach for dinner with my uncle, aunt and grandmother.  We walked out to the surf to watch the sunset.  Caleb could hardly contain himself and tried to run headlong into the waves.

I love the way his shorts are damp at the bottom, signifying his enthusiasm for the waves.  I love the way Rusty is smiling down at him, holding tightly to his hand to keep him safe.  I love the sunset and the reflection of my boys in the water on the sand behind them.  I love the spread of Caleb’s fingers, wide open in complete delight.  You don’t have to see his face to know how excited he is.  I love their matching bare feet.  It’s a great shot of my two men.

Caleb was reading over my shoulder and picked the title for this post.  He likes this picture, too.


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