Padawan Learner

The first week of May, 2002, Rusty and I made our way to the doctor’s office for a very exciting visit.  We were about to find out the gender of our first child.

Let me be completely honest- both of us wanted a boy.  And we both wanted a boy for the same reason.  Neither of us had any idea what to do with a girl.  As I have said before, I am the middle child and the other two were boys.  I was interested in Star Wars and model trains and science, not make up and ribbons and dolls.  The ways of women are to this day a bit mysterious to me.

God, in His infinite wisdom granted me two daughters!  Learning about girls has been a wonderful and delightful ride, not nearly as scary as I thought it would be.  But also in His infinite wisdom, God broke me in to motherhood with my oldest child, a son, my Caleb.

Upon hearing that he was having a son, Rusty said, and I quote:  “A Boy?!  I only have to mow the yard for 8 more years!”

This is the summer that Rusty teaches his boy to start earning his keep.


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