No Screens

Every now and again, my son loses his temper enough to react in the wrong way.  He’ll hit.He knows better, he is always remorseful, and he knows that there will be consequences.  And still, sometimes his anger gets the better of him.What can I say; he’s a work in progress.  Aren’t we all?

The standard consequence around here for using your hands (or feet) instead of your words is: no screens.No TV, no computer, no Wii, no DS for 24 hours.  This is the perfect punishment for Caleb because electronics are his lever.  Electronics are what can be used to move him.  It is a method that is highly effective.

His sister, not so much.  Her greatest lever is isolation.  She cannot stand to be alone and entertain herself.  She is a complete and total extrovert, so being sent to be by herself is what most affects her.  It is her lever.

I guess I am glad I didn’t reflect on this too closely this morning when she got mad and hit him, and he get mad and hit her back.  After the tears subsided, we talked it out, about better solutions than hitting, about trying harder.  Then I handed down sentencing: no screens for either of you for 24 hours.

They were resigned to their fate, and up the stairs they went to play.  Inadvertently, I had given her the best day ever.  Without being distracted by his beloved video games, Caleb has been a great companion.  They have been detectives, thieves, secret agents, and superheroes.  And so far no one else has gotten hit.Somehow she always comes out of this kind of thing smelling like a rose.

And it is a good reminder to keep up with the limits we already set on screentime anyway.  I think next week we will institute a regular no screens day.  Sigh.  I guess I should apply it to myself as well.  Who knows, my house might get cleaner.


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