Observations from the Amusement Park

The following are some of my observations and musings about our visit last night to Austin Park and Pizza, home of video games, those little gas powered race cars, laser tag, bumper boats, and other fun diversions.

  • We headed to AP&P for the newly seven year old’s birthday.  I asked the cashier if they did anything special for birthday kids.  She frowned and said no.  Then she added sheepishly, “But I can wish you a happy birthday!  Um… Happy Birthday!”  She was very sweet.
  • There was a kids ride like the 199 foot tall “Tower of Terror” at Disney World.  This one was only about 18 feet tall, though, so Rusty and I called it the “Tower of Mild Unease.”  Our kids rode it about a hundred times.  It took a while to convince the four year old to try it, but once she got on, she was a maniac, hands on the air, screeching, and yelling “AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN!!” at the end.  I’m sure the attendant loved that.  You’re welcome, hardworking, minimum wage worker!
  • Sweet young girl with the one week old baby, I have an observation for you.  This place is not as much fun with a baby in tow.  Actually, it is a lot more like work than fun.  I can tell by the look on your face that you are already figuring that out.  Welcome to parenthood.  Don’t worry, it gets better.  Also, just a heads up, maybe wait until next summer to try and rock the bare midriff look again.

  • Evidently, I was born to play laser tag.  We ended up in there with an entire gaggle of nine year old boys, all bent on my annihilation.  Even though I had the added handicap of having to hold my four year old’s hand the whole time, this forty-one year old housewife totally schooled them.  Take that, nine year old militia!  Fear the Housewife!
  • Girl with the “Trust No Bitch” tattoo- what happened to you in your young life that you felt empowered by having this life slogan put permanently on your arm?  On the surface, the sentiment of the tattoo is one of a tough, powerful person, but I am afraid all it really reveals is your wounded soul.  I truly hope that life gives you a million reasons to regret that tattoo and that you learn to trust.
  • By the way, that was not good pizza.  But my kids did not notice that and really, who goes there for the pizza?

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