And a Scotch on the Rocks

I am considering my genetics today.  I am tall, and that has roots in both sides of my family.  I am stout.  That is all from my father’s side, the Chittendens.   I am extremely practical and frugal.  That is from my mother.   I am intellectual and like to examine both sides of an argument.  That is from my father.

And I am funny.   Those who know me in real life know that I am constantly kidding around.  I love to laugh and to make people laugh.  I believe in lightening the mood and enjoying every moment.  This is a trait I get straight from my Uncle John.

l to r: My dad (Chip), Uncle John, Uncle Tom

My Uncle John and I are kindred spirits on so many levels.  We both had careers as science teachers.  We are both the middle child between  two brothers.  We both are family photographers and historians.  And, most importantly, we both will go a looonnggg way for a gag.

Some of my favorite “Uncle Johnisms”?  When he goes through a drive-thru, he gives his complete order then adds “And a scotch on the rocks.”  At his neighborhood McDonald’s, he did it so often that it would cause the whole staff to run to the window to tell him hello.

Another favorite: I cannot count the number of times he asked me if I wanted to see a picture of a monkey, then handed me a mirror.  Even as a 40 year old, he still pulls this on me.

Ask him “How are you?”  He responds with “Let me check.” And gives himself a once-over, then reports, “I’m okay.”  Every single time.

And perhaps the one he is most famous for: in the midst of a serious conversation about politics or religion or any other weighty topic, he would wait for a thoughtful pause in the conversation and then throw in “I blame it all on Women’s Lib,.” Commonly followed up with “we never should have given them the right to vote.”   Then he waits for the fireworks that follow.

Probably the thing I get most from him is a desire to amuse myself, and let others be the beneficiaries, or victims, of it.  His wife, my Aunt Diane, just sighs and shakes her head.  The perfect match for him, she makes me appreciate my own husband Rusty, and his tolerance for my own goofiness, and even participation in it.  It is a blessing in life to have a #1 fan.

How about you?  Can you trace your personality through your family tree?


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