God’s Daring Plan

I didn’t write this, but wanted to share it because it is so very beautiful.

From God’s Daring Plan, by Barbara Brown Taylor-


In terms of his people, babies were the exception. While their parents were all but deaf to God’s message, babies did not have any trouble hearing him at all. They were all the time laughing at God’s jokes or crying with him when he cried.

Babies did not go to war. They never made hate speeches or littered or refused to play with each other because they belonged to different political parties. They depended on people for everything. While no one asked their opinion about anything that mattered, almost everyone seemed to love them and that gave God an idea.

Why not create himself as one of these delightful creatures?

He tried the idea out on his cabinet of angels. The senior angel spoke for them all. He told God how much they would worry about him, if he did that. He would be putting himself at the mercy of his creatures, the angel said. People could do anything they wanted to him, and if he seriously meant to become one of them there would be no escape for him if things turned sour. Could he at least be a baby with special powers? The baby idea was a stroke of genius, the angel said, it really was, but it lacked adequate safety features.

God thanked the angel for his concern but said no, he thought he would just be a regular baby. How else could he gain the trust of his creatures? How else could he persuade them that he knew their lives inside and out, unless he lived one like theirs? There was a risk. Okay there was a high risk, but that was part of what he wanted his creatures to know: that he was willing to risk everything to get close to them, in hopes that they might love him again.

It was a daring plan, but once the angels saw that God was dead set on it, they broke out in applause- not the uproarious kind but the steady kind that goes on and on when you have witnessed something you know you will never see again.

When they were still clapping, God turned around and left the cabinet chamber, shedding his robe. The angels watched as his midnight blue mantle fell to the floor, so that all the stars collapsed in a heap. Where the robe fell, the floor melted and opened to reveal a brown pasture with a bunch of shepherds drinking wine out of a skin. It was hard to say who was more startled, the angels or the shepherds, but as the shepherds looked up at them, the angels pushed their senior member to the edge of the hole. Looking down, in a gentle voice, he said “Do not be afraid; for see- I am bringing you good news of great joy for all the people: to you is born this day in the city of David a savior, who is the Messiah, the Lord.”

And away up the hill, from the direction of town, came the sound of a newborn baby’s cry.


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