Mama’s Table

I have been lazy this year about decorating for Easter. I have a table in the living room that I decorate for different seasons. On or about Katie’s birthday in late September, I pull out my tub of fall things and decorate for Halloween. I

like to pick out my decorations in threes- one for each kid. Then when I decorate, they love to point out which one is theirs and rearrange all of it to their liking. After Halloween, I swap out the jack-o-lanterns for pilgrims, and the table is all ready for Thanksgiving. That lasts until Black Friday, then it all gets replaced with the Christmas stuff. At this point, the little table cannot hold it all, and the whole house gets decorated.

And then…. January.  After the busyness, fun, excesses and loud, raucous celebration of December, I always look forward to the cold, serene, quiet discipline of January, when my table goes back to normal. Love ya Christmas, see ya next time.

It remains this way until Easter. Then out come the bunnies and chicks and eggs. Not this year, though.  I have been dragging my feet for some reason. I am not really sure why- just other things going on, and some laziness, and mixed in was a little bit of why bother.

Last night I attended a funeral. It was for a fantastic lady who was only two years older than me. Like me, she has a second grader. She has another son in seventh grade as well, so a lot of the service talked about her as a mom. There are a lot of great things for those boys to remember about their mama. There are so many ways that she showed her love for them, and made their lives fun and special. Those sweet memories will be a treasure for them for the rest of their lives. Camping trips, holidays, laughter, silliness, love.

So this morning I have pulled out my box of Easter decorations and decorated my Easter table. Why bother? Because my kids love it. And they will remember it. The time we have with our children- with all our love ones- is a gift. Thanks for the reminder about making the most out of life, Brenda Sue.



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2 responses to “Mama’s Table

  1. Kate Durham Dean

    Thanks for sharing. I havent gotten my Easter decorations out yet, but you have inspired me!

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