I’m a Two Year Old

We interrupt the current blog series Summer School with this newsflash:

Let’s celebrate with some accordion music!

This week marks two years of blogging for me! It all started with this Facebook status:

I feel a bit constrained by the size of my status update. If I had a blog, would you read it, or would I merely be amusing myself?

Turns out this was not an either-or proposition. You would read it, and I could amuse myself, too! I still love blogging, and I hope that you still love reading. If you do enjoy Nicole White Speaks, can you give me the anniversary present of delurking to give a comment– just a Hi Nicole! would make my day.

For my gift to you, here are some highlights from this year:

This post got a LOT of attention. If you are tired of politics, please read it: The Bad Divorce

This post set a record for making people (okay, me and Ben’s mama) cry sweet, happy tears: Closer than a Brother

This one contains one of my all time favorite stories: What a Friend

This series made people (okay, me) laugh until they cried: Status: Mother

And this one didn’t get a lot of attention, but is a favorite of mine because it gets to something very core in me: The Monsters We Cannot See

As for the numbers (this is more for my records than yours, feel free to not write this down), I have posted 39 times this year, up from 26 last year. Nicole White Speaks was visited about twice as much as it was last year, with my busiest day being March 22, 2012 when I posted The Bad Divorce, which has been read over 600 times and I am STILL hearing about it (a good thing).

Again, thanks for reading. It is nice to know that I am not just talking to the wind. And leave a comment saying hi!



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10 responses to “I’m a Two Year Old

  1. Amy Kirschner

    Happy Birthday! I love you cuz! Keep writing!…thanks for all the great reads!…

  2. Happy birthday! I love you, cousin! Thanks for all the good reading!…

  3. Happy Birthday—and since I’ve only been with you a short time, thanks for the greatest hits list of posts that I need to read. You promised I wouldn’t be bored if I followed you or subscribed or whatever it is I did. You have, indeed, kept that promise. Keep calm and blog on…I’m reading!

  4. Joanie

    Ummm…excuse me Nicole

  5. Hi Nicole! Happy Birthday Blog!

  6. Thank you all for your love and support! I ‘ll keep writing, you keep reading.

  7. Happy Birthday to you Nicole. Two years and you’ve just begun.

  8. Each one of your posts either makes me laugh, cry, or hurt (from the nice smack in the head it gives me). Thank you for sharing you with us.

  9. congratulations on 2 years and i love reading your blog! i think its the first i have ever kept up with. i like feeling inspired by you and your words of GOD first thing in the morning!

  10. Becky Reid @TechieHomeckie

    Hey friend! I’m sending belated blog day wishes. Late as usual!

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