Women and Beauty- how do you apply biblical principles?

I am helping a pastor friend Charlie Grenade, author of the delightful book Delight, with another book he is writing on the topic of women and beauty, and we could use your input! Yes you! Take a look at these questions and tell us what you think.

1.We Christians agree that we should see beauty from God’s eyes and from a biblical standpoint. But how do women do this in a practical way every day?

2. How can older women (moms, mentors) help instill a biblical perspective in younger women and girls?

3. How can men help women in this process and how can we be teaching our sons to be helpful in this?

4. What are the key scriptures that you draw upon in seeing your value in Christ?

5. Would you mind sharing some personal struggles you have had with this and how you’ve been able to overcome it?

Leave a comment here or on my facebook post to let us know what you think! Answer one question or all five, just pipe up to the conversation!


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