Halloween is Finite

I was out this week getting a few items for our Halloween costumes and fretting about the cost. I spent under thirty dollars for the things I needed for 4 homemade X-Men outfits, and it was thirty dollars that we have. But I fretted anyway because that’s how you make a household of five people run for ten years on just one income. You spend cautiously and rarely are frivolous. It is a worthwhile tradeoff for us because in return I get to be home with my kiddos. But in order to pull that off, I don’t spend thirty dollars needlessly, especially at the end of the month! And Halloween always seems to fall near the end of the month.

I was standing there fretting at the pile in my cart, and something struck me. Halloween is finite. There is a limit to the number of Halloweens that my three children will be excited and over-the-top invested in this holiday, and a very tight limit on the number of Halloweens when they will share this excitement with me. It is finite.

How many Halloweens will they want to trick-or-treat? How many years will the three of them want to dress up as a group with a theme? How many years will it be cool for dad to dress up, too? How many years until they are ready to have their own fun day that doesn’t require mom’s help and, by proxy, mom’s involvement? I don’t know how many, but I do know that it is finite.

And because of this, because Halloween is finite, every year I set aside that it is also frivolous. And I buy my bargain costumes and candy, dress up my family, take their picture, and send them out trick-or-treating with Dad. This is because even though Halloween is frivolous, it is also finite and precious. Many of the most precious things in life ARE frivolous. Come to think of it, life without the frivolity seems, well, downright scary. Happy Halloween!


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